LANTERNA Announces Worldwide Distribution and Sales Rights to the Fenix® Facet Resurfacing Implant


SAINT GALLEN  – Lanterna Medical Technologies (May.01, 2013)

Lanterna Medical Technologies, a medical device company focused on developing innovative, intuitive and cost effective solutions for spine disease, announced today, the signing of an exclusive agreement to manufacture and market the FENIX® Facet Resurfacing Implant.

Mr. Horace Hale, President of Lanterna said, “We are extremely fortunate and excited to be able to offer this unique and game changing technology to the surgical and patient community in the E.M.E.A. region.

The FENIX® Facet Resurfacing Implant is a game changing solution for the treatment of Chronic Low Back Pain (CBLP) with a demonstrated facet Genesis (Approx. 30% of CBLP sufferers), and marks our foray into an exciting market.

This device has many design considerations that make it a truly unique product offering compared to other motion preserving devices. Its tissue sparing design enables it to be minimally disruptive to the adjacent anatomy and a viable treatment option for:

  * Multiple levels,

  * Levels adjacent to prior fusions,

  * All age groups

And is already being implanted using M.I.S.S. techniques”.

This novel device will be provided to patients and surgeons in the E.M.E.A. region as an innovative option to preserve motion in the human spine instead of a traditional, motion-eliminating fusion procedure.

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