Corporate Strategy

Secure excess manufacturing capacity

Lanterna is extremely fortunate to be located in Switzerland, a country that is considered to be ¨The worldwide center of excellence for the manufacture of Orthopaedic implants¨.

Also, the location of our offices in the area of Switzerland where Austria, Germany and Switzerland meets, puts us within 1 hours drive from the instrument makers capital of the world, TUTTLINGEN. This means that LANTERNA is surrounded by craftsmen who are trained in the “old school” tradition of excellence, craftsmanship and precision for which the Swiss and Germans are recognized and known throughout the world, and will be more than able to fulfill its Mission of providing ¨INNOVATION, HIGH QUALITY AND PRECISION AT AFFORDABLE PRICES AND IN RECORD TIME¨.    

Continual Improvent on the products

Lanterna aims to make evolutionary and custom additions and improvements to the product offering of the company, in order to create and maintain a leadership position in the worldwide orthopedic implant market.

Management intends to continually improve upon the SANTIS™ device, instrumentation and implantation technique throughout the life of the system.

In addition to introducing the SANTIS™ system as a truly ¨HYBRID¨ system, representative near-term design advancements include, optimization for implantation with robotic systems, the introduction of cervical devices, cages and plates.